Laser Cutter/Engraver

Use our CO2 laser cutter for cutting wood and acrylic and mark many other materials. 


Full Spectrum Laser

The Full Spectrum Laser H-Series 20x12 Desktop CO2 laser is an easy to use cutter/engraver. The laser works directly from any program that prints meaning you can use images, PDFs, CAD files, and many more. 

Cutting/Engraving Size 

  • 20 x 12 in or 508 mm x 304.8 mm
    • Material size is not limited to this as the floor of the device may be removed 


  • Cuts up to 0.25" wood & acrylic. 
  • Engraves anodized aluminum, glass, marble/granite and Thermark treated metals.
    • We are open to trying new materials as well. Research must be done first to assure no toxic fumes/particles are released.