Afrl NM Maker hub


Who Can use the spaces?

- Anybody with access to Kirtland Air Force Base can use the on-base location free of membership fees

- Both contractors AND civil servant employees of AFRL can use the FUSE memberships

How can i use the spaceS?

Kirtland AFB Location

- Call AFRL NM Maker Hub to schedule a training class. You can also email or simply walk in to the space to schedule a class or to prove proficiency for one of the tools.

- Just use the space! Even if you don't have a project, the space is a welcoming and open creative space during open hours. Once a member has been trained on a tool, the tool is open to use so long as it is not already in use or reserved.


FUSE Makerspace Location

Create an account through “Become a Member” link on FUSE Makerspace “Memberships” page This will allow you to access the calendar containing offered classes.  Call CNM FUSE to schedule a class (our membership currently does not allow the option online).  You can also call to request to schedule a class that is not listed on the calendar.

Employees should show their research laboratory ID (not their CAC - Civil servants have a red white and blue American flag background and contractors have a green tint on the badge).

- Any work performed during duty hours must be supervisor-approved (can use Innovation Time Plan).

AFRL has made an arrangement to cover Basic Operating Safety (BOS)-type training on behalf of civil servants (This is training to use equipment such as the lathe, welding equipment, etc.).  Contractors who wish to take classes will need to work through their company to arrange class payment. 

- Any project classes (eg. - jewelry, skateboard building, etc...) must be covered by the individual. FUSE rules will waive BOS training on equipment if a member can demonstrate sufficient proficiency. 

What about events and training?

- Information on scheduling for training classes, tours, and equipment reservations can be accessed via the link below.

Other upcoming events, like our Workshop Wednesdays, can be viewed on the Challenges/Events page via the link below.

- Join our email club! Our email club is the first to hear about new equipment, new training classes, workshops and events, etc. Make sure you're always up to date by joining our email club by clicking the image below.


- How do I get to your social media pages? You can access our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by clicking the respective images below:



AFRL NM Maker Hub
Building 467
2100 Maxwell St. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87116


Sunday: Closed
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 12PM–7PM
Wednesday: 12PM–7PM
Thursday: 12PM–7PM
Friday: 12PM–7PM
Saturday: 12PM–5PM


FUSE Makerspace
Innovate ABQ Campus
101 Broadway NE, Suite 3100
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Sunday: 10AM-6PM
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10PM–9PM
Wednesday: 10PM–9PM
Thursday: 10PM–9PM
Friday: 10PM–6PM
Saturday: 10AM–6PM


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