The AFRL Maker Hub has a variety of electronic equipment and electronic tools for enjoyment 


Electronics Workstations

We have two X-TRONIC 5000 series 3-in-1 systems featuring a 70W soldering iron, a 500W heat gun, and a 700W preheating station.  

Temp Ranges:

  • Soldering Iron:  200°C - 480°C / 392°F - 896°F
  • Hot Air Gun: 100°C - 480°C / 212°F - 896°F.
  • Preheating Station: 50°C - 400°C / 122°F - 752°F

Developmental Hardware

We have a selection of different microcontrollers, computers, and development kits for your enjoyment. 

  • Arduino Uno
    • Microcontroller kit for building digital devices and interactive objects that can sense and control objects in the physical world.
  • Raspberry Pi 3
    • Small single board computer capable of running basic operating systems and connecting to a variety of peripheral devices (mouse, keyboard, HDMI monitor, etc).
  • NVIDIA Jetson
    • A development board containing the Nvidia Tegra SoC, known for its powerful GPU. 
  • Dell XPS PC

Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft HoloLens is really the only viable augmented reality device out there right now, and we have one! The Maker Hub has the developmental version of the HoloLens and it is open for anyone to come and develop with.