Here you will find various resources that are important to the AFRL Maker Hub located in Dayton, OH or have been generated in the Maker Hub. 

Community Memberships

We are always looking to collaborate and innovate with new partners, especially those "outside of the fence". If you are not from Wright-Patterson AFB, but would like to use the AFRL Maker Hub for your projects, our community memberships will be perfect you. Please fill out and submit the following form and we will be in contact with you shortly! 

Community Membership Form

Class Resources

Here you will find resources from the various Maker Hub classes. Click the button below to go to a list of these resources. 


The ICEMAKER collaborative environment is a web-based application that we use for workflows, file sharing, equipment scheduling, project management, and many other tasks in the Maker Hub. Click the link below to go to ICEMAKER.

Southwest Ohio Makerspace Alliance Map

Click the button bellow to find a map of Southwest Ohio's makerspaces!