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Community Events

No upcoming community events.

Workshop Wednesdays

If you haven't already heard, every other Wednesday, we provide workshops to enhance the collaboration of our members and staff along with to fuel the creativity of our community. These classes will be from 6:30 pm - 8 pm and will vary in content. Some of the workshops will be software based classes, most will be interactive classes, and all will be fun! Here are the ones we've got on the schedule right now:

May 30, 2018

Join us for our May 30th workshop to learn about graphic design and how you can improve your software design skills. Inkscape (a free, open-source graphic design software) will be used for this workshop, and topics covered will include:

  • Vector Graphics vs. Bitmap Graphics
  • Setting Up the Artboard
  • Tools and Shortcuts
  • Making Objects
  • Aligning and Distibuting
  • and MORE!

There are limited spaces available for each workshop. RSVP ahead of time to guarantee a spot.